Natascha von Hirschhausen’s design brings beauty, elegance and pure luxury to todays woman with highest standards of sustainability and transparency. The perfect shape, premium fabrics and subtle aesthetics make every garment of Natascha von Hirschhausen your all time favourite. High-end fashion handmade in Berlin.

Discover the minimalist collection

simple. elegant. elaborate.

Find out every Detail about the Designer-Collection. From materials to care. Natascha von Hirschhausen stands for absolute transparency, sustainability and modern Fashiondesign.

Take a look at the classic campaign

pure. modern. feminine.

The garments are minimalistic yet full of live. The style is modern and striking genuine. The female body is the centre of Natascha's designs by enfolding it without constraining it.

Read the holistic        philosophy

honest. holistic. transparent.

Natascha von Hirschhausen as designer sees herself in a key role to ecological and social responsibility. Those two terms are therefore the core of every step and every little detail in her work. Organic, sustainable, fair, transparent, durable and local production of the modern fashion collection are more to her than greenwashing words, they are commitments. 

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Discover the Bestseller

eleganter, dunkelblauer Mantel aus reiner Bio-Wolle


feiner Wollmantel in cremeweiß


moderner Kimono-Mantel mit Gürtel


elegante, extravagante Bluse aus reiner cremeweißer Baumwolle


Seidenbluse mit abstraktem Print in hellblau, blau und rosa


klassische, hellblaue Bluse mit Perlmuttknöpfen aus reiner Bio-Baumwolle


elegante, dunkelblaue Jacke aus reiner Bio-Wolle


feine Wolljacke in cremeweiß


moderne Kimono-Jacke in cremeweiß