2nd love

happy to open our 2nd love category, where you can find PR and production samples

The background: 

As a future driven zero-waste fashion brand we do not believe in overproduction and sales. Our garments are made-to-order, so we have no overproduced garments to sale. Our collection is overseasonal - keeping its unique value. Seasonal sales are thereby off the table. 

We calculate the price, that we really need to sustain our business. For us sales could not be done without an actual loss. So we can only give discounts where it actually makes sense - like it happens to be with samples.

Production samples may have a slightly different finish than the original, due to refinement after the sampling of the garment. PR samples may have been worn and washed several times, because they have been featured in editorial shootings. Both can be found with a discount in the 2nd love section.

Made for the smaller budget and for people, who believe, that being perfect is over rated - check it out now:

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"Only garments, that are worn for a long time and with pleasure can ever be sustainable."