pre-order MAY: summer dresses

limited edition peace silk dresses

In May, we love to prepare you for long spring sunny days with our ruffled dresses. For every occasion, we got you covered with the right fabric and design. The long jersey dress, perfect to combine with white sneakers for a day in the city. The short version for your first holiday in nature. For special occasions, we are delighted to dress you into our exclusive, sustainable silk dresses. The soft, luxury feeling of the garments, makes you feel feminin and powerful. Choose your short or long version of this beautiful piece. 

peace-silk minimalist dress in grey

What is peace silk?

Organic Ahimsa silk, also called peace silk, is one of the most luxurious fabrics in the world. It combines the high-end quality of silk with an holistic and peaceful production process. Unlike conventional silk peace silk does not sacrifice the life of the pupa, but lets them live.

 elegant peace silk gown in pink

size-fluent design

All dresses are designed to be size-fluent also known as size-inclusive. This means, that one dress will fit all sizes from XS-XL. This dress celebrates every body, but also makes it possible to wear the garments for a longer time even if the body changes, like for example during or after a pregnancy.

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the background

The Corona pandemic highlights the need to talk about sustainability in fashion. Overflowing warehouses and constant sales are signs that the fashion industry can not go on like this. That is why made-on-demand is the new sustainable. Since its founding in 2016, zero-waste designer fashion brand Natascha von Hirschhausen has already been working exclusively on demand. Through the new pre- order system, customers can now experience the feeling of exclusivity of one-off production at more favorable conditions, as series production can be carried out more efficiently.

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how it works

Each pre-order period runs for four weeks, during which you can pre-order for a reduced price. The production and shipping will then be done within the following month. Summer dresses can be ordered in May and will be produced and shipped in June.

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Beautiful shots are taken by Laure-Anne Herpoel styled by Jolien Develtere Model is Samia Zerkak. 

"Only garments, that are worn for a long time and with pleasure can ever be sustainable."