size-guide for our zero-waste collection

the details to our size-fluent design

Many of our garments are marked with sizes such as "S-L" or "S/M". This is because we like to work size-fluent wherever it makes sense. The basic idea is that one size should be suitable for different body types. This not only makes the ordering process easier, but also allows you to continue wearing the garments even if your body changes.

 translated into a classic sizing system

onesize for S-L  fits about 34-40
onesize for S-XL  fits about 34-44/46
XS, S, M, L, XL  are pieces, that are graded to fit sizes XS (34/36), S (36/38), M (38/40), L (40/42), XL (44/46)
(XS fits especially small 34/36)

fits most


In general, many dresses and coats are "size-fluent", meaning designed to fit more than one size, while pants and skirts tend to be in traditional sizes, as they have to sit on the hips.

If you find that the item you have purchased does not fit exactly in width or length, simply send us an e-mail and we will take care of the alteration free of charge. The same goes for any questions about sizes and designs - just send us an email to


A concrete example of our size-fluid design is Natascha's favorite coat, which fits most body types, from small to large and from slim to feminine - one size fits most for S-XL. 

"Only garments, that are worn for a long time and with pleasure can ever be sustainable."